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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Brief Introduction of Pañcamāha Bhūta

In the learning of Āyurveda it is important to understand the concept of Pañcamāha Bhūta. All the substance is made up of Pañcamāha Bhūta. Pañcamāha Bhūta is the 5 elements that constitute the universe and body (macrocosmos and microcosmos). The Pañcamāha Bhūta which is present in universe also present in our body. These 5 elements are Ākāśa, Vāyu, Agni, Jala, and Pṛthvī. Pañcamāha Bhūta also called as Pañca Bhūta, but Pañcamāha Bhūta more common used.